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Small Changes to Updated Words  Empty Small Changes to Updated Words

Post by Admin on Fri Jul 01, 2016 11:32 am

The new financial year brought a few changes to Updated Words. For a long time we have made a few aesthetic changes to our page but our prices and rules were kept the same, it was time to update them and make them more in sync with the necessities of today. So on our last End of Financial Year Meeting a few changes were approved in order to update our Price List and Terms & Conditions.

We have an updated Price List. We updated our prices and included a few more services and options to our clients. Apart from a slight update to the price of our services you will find other options in the content production and editing category and also in the certified translation category. Please visit our Prices page to learn more about all these updates.

We’ve also updated our Terms & Conditions to incorporate the new changes made to pricing and also a few other small changes that needed to be made to reassure our clients of our quality and good practises. One of these changes was the inclusion of a Code of Conduct. Even though our team has always complied with a Code of Conduct that wasn’t included in our Terms & Conditions, and therefore our clients weren’t aware of that fact. There were also a few options added to the certified translation services category that also needed to be regulated. For more information about all these changes, please consult our Terms & Conditions.

We’ve also added our working hours to our professional profile. Since not all members have the same working hours we have now provide that information on each member’s professional profile so our clients are aware of the member’s working times.

For more information, please feel free to contact us.

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