Literary Terms: Anagnorisis/Anagnórise

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Literary Terms: Anagnorisis/Anagnórise

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Wikipedia wrote:Anagnorisis (/ˌænəɡˈnɒrᵻsᵻs/; Ancient Greek: ἀναγνώρισις) is a moment in a play or other work when a character makes a critical discovery. Anagnorisis originally meant recognition in its Greek context, not only of a person but also of what that person stood for. Anagnorisis was the hero's sudden awareness of a real situation, the realisation of things as they stood, and finally, the hero's insight into a relationship with an often antagonistic character in Aristotelian tragedy.

Wikipédia wrote:A anagnórise (do grego antígo "ἀναγνώρισις", reconhecimento) é um recurso narrativo que consiste no descobrimento por parte de uma personagem de dados essenciais de sua identidade, de entes queridos ou do entorno, ocultos para ele até então. A revelação altera a conduta da personagem e obriga-a a formar uma idéia mais exata de si mesma e do que a rodeia.

Wikipedia, Wikipédia


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