Literary Terms: Stanza/Estrofe

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Literary Terms: Stanza/Estrofe Empty Literary Terms: Stanza/Estrofe

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Explanation/Explicação wrote:
In poetry, a stanza is a division of four or more lines having a fixed length, meter or rhyming scheme.

Stanzas in poetry are similar to paragraphs in prose. Both stanzas and paragraphs include connected thoughts and are set off by a space. The number of lines varies in different kinds of stanzas but it is uncommon for a stanza to have more than twelve lines. The pattern of a stanza is determined by the number of feet in each line and by its metrical or rhyming scheme.

Priberam wrote:es·tro·fe
(grego strofé, ês, volta, torção)
substantivo feminino
1. [Versificação]  Grupo de versos de uma composição poética. = ESTÂNCIA

Source/Fonte: Literary Devices, Priberam


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