Obama the saviour

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Obama the saviour

Post by SteelInferno on Fri Nov 07, 2008 2:20 pm

Hi everyone,

So like the majority of the Americans, I wanted Obama to win this election. Not only because the US needed someone different at the helm but also because of the social significance of having a non-white President. I must confess I am a natural pessimist and even though the polls suggested a Democrat win, I always had my doubts because of the "race" issue or furthermore, because of the religion issue (many people thought Obama was a muslim).

It gives me hope to live in a world where personal qualities and achievements are worth more than your genetic ancestry. I also sympathise with the African American people's pride and sense of justice for having an African American President. American society has come a long way. However, I'm slightly concerned about the world's adoration of Obama. He is a politician and if I believe in equality why should I believe that he is not going to be another one making promises that will never come true? I think many people are expecting a lot from Barack Obama, that he is going to end the war in Iraq/Afghanistan, promote welfare policies, solve the economic crisis...I'm not sure Obama can be the saviour most of us need at the moment and the last thing the world needs right now is another disappointment.

What does everyone else think?


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Re: Obama the saviour

Post by Kangas on Fri Nov 07, 2008 3:25 pm

Hi SteelInferno,

Well ... if he's going to be the saviour or not I think nobody knows. If his victory last Tuesday was an important historic milestone to the world ... definitely!

In a country where there's still the division between "blacks"and "whites"... Barack Obama is definitely the prove that there's more than just a colour in your skin!

I must confess that I was one of those people who believed he was muslim. And that would be a point against him on this election! However now I think it may be bit different.

I hope he does a good job and he's not another war freak who is going to get the entire world in a war for nothing! One thing I know Obama is intelligent and that may be the difference between just another president for that country and THE president that country needed for so long.

Who knows?! ... For one thing the Americans and teh world should be happy ... finally that pathetic Bush is out!

I just hope the best for the world.



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