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Measurement Units: Inch

Post by Kangas on Thu Apr 03, 2014 9:58 am

Unit: Inch

System: Imperial System

Symbol: in (traditionally " )

Countries where it's used: Canada, United Kingdom, United States

The Inch (plural inches) is a unit of length used in some countries like Canada, United Kingdom and United Estates. It is part of the Imperial System. In the U.K., since 1st of October 1995, it was established that the inch (along with the foot) was to be used as a primary unit for road signs and related measurements of distance (with possible exeption of clearance heights and widths) and it should also continue to be used as a secondary indication for other purposes, following the Metric (International) System.

The inch owes its name to the Latin word "uncia" which means "one-twelfth part" and for this particular case would be one-twelfth of a foot.

In some languages the word "inch" is similar or even the same as the word "thumb". Portuguese is one of those languages where you have "polegada" for "inch" and "polegar" for "thumb". This may be because the inch could have derived from the foot unit in Latin used during the Roman Period.

1" (International inch) = 2.54 cm

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Source: Wikipedia - English

*Por favor visite a nossa Secção "Portuguese", para ler a versão portuguesa deste artigo. Muito obrigada.

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