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Use of question mark Empty Use of question mark

Post by Kangas on Mon Nov 19, 2012 11:34 am

Even though the use of question mark seems to be very simple I decided to write about it, so we have all ponctuation marks explained.

I'll use Larry Trask's University of Sussex website as a reference for this study.

  • Exclamation mark
    In English, we use exclamation mark for:

    1. At the end of a direct question.
      Example: What time is Adam coming on Friday?

    2. When you're making a direct quotation.
      Example: "What time is Adam coming on Friday?" Peter asked.

    3. It can also be used in the middle of something, inside parenthesis, to show that something is uncertain.
      Example: I believe Adam is coming Friday at 10am (?). (the question mark indicates that the time Adam is coming on Friday is not certain)

    NOTE: Do not use a question mark for indirect questions, in which the speaker's words are not repeated.
    Example: She asked what time was Adam coming on Friday.


Source: University of Sussex

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