False Friends: Beef/Bife

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False Friends: Beef/Bife

Post by Kangas on Tue Oct 16, 2012 10:28 am

This is a very interesting case of false friends. The Portuguese word derived from the English term; however both terms have different meaning.

The English the word "beef" refers to meat from bovine cattle. This word would be correctly translated to Portuguese as "carne de vaca, carne de bovino". The Portuguese word "bife", that you pronounce exactly the same way and had its origin in the English word, means "steak", a small fillet of any type of meat.

In fact, you can use the word "bife" for pork steaks/fillets (bife de porco/bifana), chicken steaks/fillets (bife de frango), turkey steaks (bife de perú).



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