Interrogative - Part 2

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Interrogative - Part 2 Empty Interrogative - Part 2

Post by Kangas on Thu Sep 20, 2018 7:50 am

Interrogative – part 2

In certain instances, the normal rules used for asking questions don’t apply.

1. When you are asking information about something and you use “do you know” , “could you tell me” and other similar expressions, the normal question word order will change.
Examples: Do you know where Central Station is?
Laura, can you tell me where I can find a pencil please?

1.1 We need to pay especial attention to questions using the verb to do (do/does/did). In that case you will remove it from the question.
Examples:Do you know what time the exam begins?
Please explain what you mean.

1.2 When there’s no other question word, you should use if or whether
Example: Do you know if (or whether) anyone got injured in the accident?

2. The regular question word order also changes when using the reported speech.
Examples: The Customs Officer asked us if we had any food items?
Lena told me she was sick?


Source: English Grammar in Use – Cambridge University Press


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