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Prepositions: in case Empty Prepositions: in case

Post by Kangas on Thu Mar 08, 2018 8:03 am

Prepositions:in case

In March we are talking about Grammar. This week we continue talking about Prepositions in English.

In case is a preposition.  It is used to marks an action due to the possibility of something occurring. In other words we use in case to say we are doing something because there is a strong possibility that something else happens.

Example: Mary left her phone number on top of her desk in case we need to call her tonight.  (she left her phone number because there was the possibility we would need to call her)

  • We can also use in case to mark a smaller possibility.
    Example: I don’t think it will rain today, but Jorge took his umbrella just in case.

  • We do not use the future (will) after in case. We use a present tense for the future.
    Example: I don’t want to go out tonight in case Sarah phones.  (not in case Sarah will phone).

    Please note that in case is not the same as if. We use in case to say why we do (or don’t do) something. We do something now because there’s a possibility (in case) of something happening in the near future.  We use if for something we do only when (if) something else happens.
    Examples: I’m leaving my phone number on my desk in case you need to call me tonight. (People may need to call tonight so I already left my phone number on my desk so they can contact me)
    You can call me at the hotel, if you need help. (only if they need my help people can call me at the hotel.

  • We can use in case with the past to say why somebody did something.
    Example: Lara bought more food in case Don came for dinner. (because it was possible that Don would come for dinner)

  • Also note that in case of is not the same as in case. In case of means if there is …
    Example: In case of fire, please leave the building as quickly as possible. (if there is a fire … only if there is a fire.

Source: New English Grammar in Use – Second Edition

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