Prepositions: at/on/in (time)

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Prepositions: at/on/in (time) Empty Prepositions: at/on/in (time)

Post by Kangas on Thu Jan 18, 2018 10:39 am

At / on / in (time)

These prepositions can be used to describe time, however we used them according to the period of time we want to talk about.

  • We use at when we talk about the time of the day.
    Example: The flight leaves at 4.30pm.
  • We use on when we talk about days and dates
    Example: I don’t work on Fridays
  • For longer periods of time like months, years or seasons we use in.
    Example: I was born in January.
  • We can also use the preposition at with these expressions.

  1. at night
  2. at the weekend / at weekends
  3. at Christmas / at Easter
  4. at the moment / at present
  5. at the same time

NOTE: When asking for the time we usually use “what time” not “at what time”.

  • We use in when we what to talk about the morning, the afternoon or the evening:
    Example: See you in the morning.
  • But we use on if we want to talk about the same period of time but on a specific day
    Example: I’ll talk to you on Friday morning.
  • We do not use any of these proposition before last/next/this/every
    Example: I’ll talk to Andrew next Sunday.
  • When we talk about a period of time in the future, we use in. It is also used to say how long it takes to do something
    Examples: The train will be leaving in a few minutes
    I’ll be the in a moment.
    George will be graduated in a week.
    They are moving out in six months’ time (or in six months).
    I finished the entire project in eight weeks.  

Source: English Grammar in Use – 2nd Edition

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