Phalanx / Falange

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Phalanx / Falange

Post by Kangas on Thu Aug 31, 2017 8:57 am



In August and September we will be talking again about anatomy. The term we’ve chosen for this week was Phalanx.
Phalanx, or in its plural Phalanges are the bones in the fingers and toes. The word has other meaning in other fields as well. In Portuguese it is translated as “Falange” or “Falanges”

Collins Dictionary Online wrote:

Word forms: plural phalanxes or phalanges

1. an ancient Greek and Macedonian battle formation of hoplites presenting long spears from behind a wall of overlapping shields
2. any closely ranked unit or mass of people
the police formed a phalanx to protect the embassy
3. a number of people united for a common purpose
4. (in Fourierism) a group of approximately 1800 persons forming a commune in which all property is collectively owned
5. anatomy
any of the bones of the fingers or toes
6. botany
a. a bundle of stamens, joined together by their stalks (filaments)
b. a form of vegetative spread in which the advance is on a broad front, as in the common reed
Compare guerrilla

Dicionário Priberam Online wrote:
(latim phalanx, -angis, do grego fálagks, -aggos, linha de batalha)

substantivo feminino
1. Corpo de infantaria, na antiga milícia grega.
2. [Linguagem poética] Qualquer corpo de tropa.
3. [Figurado] Multidão, legião, bando, partido.
4. [Anatomia] Cada um dos ossos que formam os dedos das mãos e dos pés.
5. [Anatomia] Osso dos dedos da mão que se articula com o metacarpo.
6. [Anatomia] Osso dos dedos do pé que se articula com o metatarso.
7. [Filosofia, Sociologia] Sistema comunal de famílias operárias imaginado por Charles Fourier.

Em Agosto e Setembro voltamos a falar-lhe de Anatomia. A palavra que escolhemos para esta semana foi “Phalanx”.
“Phalanx” é o plural de “Phalanges” e são os ossos que se encontram nos dedos dos pés e das mãos. Em Português tarduz-se falange ou falanges.

As definições encontram-se acima.



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