Plead in Court/Defender em Tribunal

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Plead in Court/Defender em Tribunal

Post by Margarida Sousa on Thu Jun 23, 2016 9:47 pm

A good translation for “Defender em Tribunal” is “Plead in Court”, which means also litigate, contest, advocate and “Pleading” or “written Pleading” is the legal document filed in a lawsuit.

Plead in Court


Defender em tribunal

Uma boa tradução para “Defender em Tribunal” é “plead in court”, que significa também litigar, advogar, defender uma causa, alegar em juízo, sendo que “pleading” ou “written pleading” significa peça processual.

Veja em baixo as várias definições para os termos aqui abordados.


v. 1) in civil lawsuits and petitions, to file any document (pleading) including complaints, petitions, declarations, motions and memoranda of points and authorities. 2) in criminal law, to enter a plea of a defendant in response to each charge of criminal conduct.

Definition - Transitive Verb

1  : to drive danger or attack away from
2  : to act as attorney for (a defendant)
3  : to deny or oppose the rights of a plaintiff in regard to (a suit or claim)
1  : to take action against attack or challenge
2  : to present a defense

plead (v.)  
mid-13c., "make a plea in court," from Anglo-French pleder, Old French plaidier, "plead at court" (11c.), from Medieval Latin placitare, from Late Latinplacitum (see plea). Sense of "request, beg" first recorded late 14c. Related: Pleaded; pleading; pleadingly.
pleading (n.)  
late 13c., "the carrying on of a suit at court," verbal noun from plead (v.). Meaning "supplication, intercession" is from early 15c.
Pleading in court
There are three initial documents upon which a case is founded: a Claim and (in most cases) the Particulars of Claim, and the Defence. These are broadly equivalent to the Summons, Complaint and Answer filed in some other jurisdictions. They set out the case to be presented by each party, briefly but in sufficient detail to understand the legal issues in dispute and claims made by each party as a result.
de·fen·der |ê| - Conjugar
(latim defendo, -ere, afastar, repelir, proteger)
verbo transitivo
1. Tomar a defesa de.
2. Oferecer protecção. = PROTEGER
3. Proporcionar abrigo a. = RESGUARDAR
4. Desculpar.
5. Patrocinar.
6. Proibir, interditar.
verbo pronominal
7. Opor o esforço próprio ao ataque alheio.
8. Repelir uma agressão, um ataque, uma acusação.
9. Pôr-se a coberto. = ABRIGAR-SE
10. Evitar (o cavalo) o governo do cavaleiro.
Palavras relacionadas:
abrigar, proteger, escudar, socorrer, resguardar, manter, cobrir

"defender", in Dicionário Priberam da Língua Portuguesa [em linha], 2008-2013,

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