Professions: Land Surveyor/Topógrafo

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Professions: Land Surveyor/Topógrafo

Post by Kangas on Thu Apr 28, 2016 9:41 am

Land surveyor


This month we will be talking about professions. Some are quite easy to translate such as doctor, nurse even translator, but others might be harder and lead to errors.

This week’s profession is land surveyor. A land surveyor is a person who surveys a plot of land or a building and then crate a detailed map of it.

In Portuguese it is translated as “topógrafo”.

Collins Dictionary Online wrote:

1. a person whose occupation is to survey land or buildings See also quantity surveyor
2. (mainly British) a person concerned with the official inspection of something for purposes of measurement and valuation
3. a person who carries out surveys, esp of ships (marine surveyor) to determine seaworthiness, etc
4. a customs official
5. (archaic) a supervisor

Dicionários Infopédia Online wrote:

1. agrimensor
2. hidrógrafo
3. inspetor, fiscal, superintendente;
surveyor of taxes inspetor dos impostos diretos;
surveyor of weights and measures inspetor dos pesos e medidas
land surveyor

NOTE: The Quote from Dicionários Infopédia is written according to the New Orthographic Agreement of the Portuguese Language (AO90). Updated Words does not comply with that document and therefore the words "inspetor" and "diretos" should be written as "inspector" and "directos".


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