Words with no direct translation: Diner/Cliente de restaurante

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Words with no direct translation: Diner/Cliente de restaurante

Post by Kangas on Thu Oct 08, 2015 9:21 am


Cliente de restaurante

Every language has its own individuality and of course the culture of the countries where it’s spoken have a great influence in the way it evolves. In the English language we tend to create vebs and nouns for certain actions or people that you can hardly find a direct translation in any other language.

This weeks’s word is “dinner”.  This word has no direct translation in Portuguese. In Portugal you use to word “cliente” (client) to describe all types of clients, including those in a restaurant. However you might find a Portuguese word that could easily be a direct translation even though in a more formal discourse. The word is comensal and its seldom used in Portuguese.



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