Cooking Methods:Boil/Cozer

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Cooking Methods:Boil/Cozer

Post by Kangas on Thu Jun 18, 2015 12:18 pm




One of the hardest fields of translation is certainly the culinary field. Not only because of the specificity of certain ingredients but also because it is sometimes hard to translate the methods, the tools involved etc.

This month we talk about cooking methods. There is so many ways to cook food, and so many methods you can use it may be confusing to translate them all.

This week’s cooking method is “boil”. In Portuguese the word “boil” is translated as “cozer”, or "ferver" in the case of boiling water for example. Let’s look at the dictionaries:

Collins Dictionary Online wrote:
verb change or cause to change from a liquid to a vapour so rapidly that bubbles of vapour are formed copiously in the liquid Compare evaporate reach or cause to reach boiling point cook or be cooked by the process of boiling
   4.(intransitive) to bubble and be agitated like something boiling; seethe   ⇒ "the ocean was boiling"
   5.(intransitive) to be extremely angry or indignant (esp in the phrase make one's blood boil)   ⇒ "she was boiling at his dishonesty"
   6.(intransitive) to contain a boiling liquid   ⇒ "the pot is boiling"


   7.the state or action of boiling (esp in the phrases on the boil, off the boil)

Dicionários Infopedia Online wrote:
verbo transitivo e intransitivo

1. ferver; entrar em ebulição;
let it boil for five minutes deixa ferver durante cinco minutos;
water boils at 100 degrees centigrade a água ferve quando chega aos 100 graus centígrados
2. CULINÁRIA cozer

Dicionário Priberam Online wrote:
(latim coquo, -ere)
verbo transitivo e intransitivo

1. Preparar ou ser preparado ao fogo ou ao calor. = COZINHAR

2. [Figurado]  Digerir.

3. Perder ou fazer perder o viço.

Next time you read the word boil or boiled you will know what it is in Portuguese.



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