Cooking Methods: Poaching / Escalfar

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Cooking Methods: Poaching / Escalfar

Post by Kangas on Thu Jun 04, 2015 2:57 pm




One of the hardest fields of translation is certainly the culinary field. Not only because of the specificity of certain ingredients but also because it is sometimes hard to translate the methods, the tools involved etc.

This month we talk about cooking methods. There is so many ways to cook food, and so many methods you can use it may be confusing to translate them all.

This week’s cooking method is “poach”. In Portuguese the word “poach” is translated as “escalfar”. Let’s look at the dictionaries:

Collins Online Dictionary wrote:  
1. to simmer (eggs, fish, etc) very gently in water, milk, stock, etc

Dicionário Priberam Online wrote:Escalfar
(latim excalfacio, -ere, aquecer)
verbo transitivo

1. Aquecer no escalfador.
2. Deixar estar algum tempo em água muito quente.
3. Esfalfar.

Dicionários Infopédia - English/Portuguese wrote:Poach
verbo transitivo e intransitivo

3. CULINÁRIA (ovos) escalfar

Next time you read the word poach or poached you will know what it is in Portuguese.

Source: Collins Dictionary Online, Dicionário Priberam Online, Dicionários Infopédia

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