British English Words: Pudding

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British English Words: Pudding

Post by SteelInferno on Tue Jan 13, 2015 2:57 am

In Britain, pudding is using as a generic term to describe sweet desserts. Therefore, instead of saying "I want apple pie for dessert", you can say "I want apple pie for pudding". There are also desserts that are called puddings (i.e. Christmas pudding, chocolate pudding) and also savoury dishes that are called pudding (i.e. Yorkshire pudding).


Em Inglês Britânico, "pudding" usa-se para descrever as sobremesas (=desserts). Assim, ao invés de se dizer "I want apple pie for dessert", podemos ouvir dizer "I want apple pie for pudding". Há também sobremesas que se chamam "puddings" (note-se o false friend pudding/pudim (=flan)), tais como Christmas Pudding ou Pudding de Chocolate (diferente de Pudim de Natal/Chocolate) e há também pratos salgados que se chamam pudding, tais como Yorkshire pudding.

Source/Fonte: Encyclopaedia Britannica


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