Going on Holidays in Portugal

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Going on Holidays in Portugal

Post by Kangas on Thu Aug 29, 2013 10:20 am

As promised last week, this week we didn't have the usual term of the week proposed on Tuesday to be answered by Thursday. Instead we bring you a comprehensive article about accomodation in Portugal.

Portugal is beautiful country for a holiday, it has beautiful places to visit, a very long History and a great climate. But just like any other country in the world, Portugal has its own rules and terms to what accomodation is concerned and that may be a bit confusing. Most concepts are universal but you will find a few differences in each country you visit, so here are the Portuguese rules:

  1. Hotels/Motels/Hostels:

    Room Types

    "Quarto Individual" - this is a single room.
    "Quarto Duplo" - this is a double room. In this category you may have a Twin Share room (Quarto Twin), with two single beds, or a room with a double/queen/king bed only.
    "Quarto triplo" - this is a double room with an extra bed. So it accomodates 3 people.
    "Suite" - a suite usually means a space with a room and a lounge. May have more rooms and the occupancy is usually mentioned in the description.

    Accomodation Offers

    "SA - Só Alojamento" - accomodation only. A place like this only offers a room with no meals
    "APA - Alojamento e Pequeno-almoço" - bed and breakfast. A place like this offers a room with breakfast included.
    "MP - Meia Pensão" - Bed, breakfast and dinner. This room includes breakfast and dinner.
    "PC - Pensão Completa" - This room includes the bed and all meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner)
    "TI - Tudo Incluído" - this room has the same conditions as a PC room plus drinks (usually local soft drinks and water)

    NOTE: Usually Drinks are not included in a MP or PC room.

  2. Apartments:

    This is used both in holiday accomodation and permanent accomodation, so if you are moving to Portugal and are looking for a place to live, these would be the terms you will find in every Real Estate Agency.

    " Estúdio / T0" - this is what we usually know as studio. It's a open spaced apartment with a kitchenette and a bathroom.
    "T1" - this is the equivalent to our 1 bedroom apartment. It's an apartment with 1 bedroom, a living space, kitchen and bathroom.
    "T2" - this is our 2 bedroom appartment. An apartment with 2 bedrooms (one may be ensuite), a living area, kitchen and bathroom.
    "T3" - three bedroom apartment. An apartment with 3 bedrooms (some may be ensuite), living area, kitchen and bathroom.
    "T4" - this is a 4 bedroom appartment. 4 bedrooms (some may be ensuite), living area, kitchen and bathroom.
    "Vila/Vivenda" - equivalent to our Vila or House.

This is the basic information we should all know before moving to Portugal or going on holidays there. Once again we advise that if you have any doubts when booking your holiday, you should always contact the hotel to clarify the situation since some rules may vary.



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